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Year 6 Work and Activities


Welcome to Year 6!


Autumn term – Gadgets, Gismos and Games


 A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away....


This term is focused on the amazing world of technology, and where better to find it than the world of science fiction?! Whether travelling through time in Doc Brown's DeLorean or The Doctor's TARDIS, flying through space at warp speed with the crew of The Enterprise or fighting the dark side of the force with Luke Skywalker and Yoda, the world of Sci-Fi is full of amazing gadgets and gismos!


We begin with our hook day. With all the year group dressed up as Sci-Fi characters, we will be making our own lightsabers and desigining our very own openings to the Star Wars films. Moving into the topic, we write film reviews by looking in more detail at the original Star Wars films. Following that, we will be then designing our very own gadgets to be used by either the sith lords of the resistance fighters.


Our topic lessons for this term are based on computing. Children will use SCRATCH to design either their own animation or game. These will be built around characters which they can create themselves using the computers.   


Children will then write their own scripts for the next installment of the Star Wars series - complete with diary entries from a storm-trooper! In P.E. we will be learning a Star Wars dance routine and looking at some gymnastics work. Science will be focused on electricty and designing a burglar alarm ready to catch even the craftiest of rebel thieves!


May the force be with you....


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