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Dronfield Junior School motto: acheiving whilst making learning fun

Year 6 Work and Activities


Welcome to Year 6!


Spring Term - Gadgets, Gismos and Games


During the spring term in Year 6, children delve into the mysterious, murky world of international espionage. They are introduced to the lifestyle of the most famous spy of all with a morning of inspecting gadgets, building ejector seats (ready to be fitted into any spy’s car) and taste the good life when they try caviar. Of course we are talking about the world of Bond….James Bond.

Following their introduction to 007, children step into the footsteps of Q. They then design their own gadgets to help a spy in need, before writing gadgets reviews for a magazine.

No topic of Bond would be complete without watching some of the films, so we compare a 1960’s Sean Connery classic to one of Daniel Craig’s modern blockbusters. After giving their opinions on the two films, the Y6s continue with journalistic writing by writing film reviews.

In science, we look at electricity and light to get a better understanding of how Q gets some of his gadgets to work. This runs alongside our topic lessons, where children create their own animation about a spy, or their own computer game using Scratch.

Unfortunately, even in the top secret world of Q’s laboratory, sometimes things don’t go to plan. Children complete some fictional writing based on one of the gadget master’s inventions having a malfunction.

In P.E. we choreograph a dance inspired by James Bond, incorporating leaping, rolling and some good old fashioned sneaking around.

Alongside this, we continue with our regular spelling, reading and maths work.

In summary, the spring term in Y6 is sure to leave you shaken and stirred!


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Autumn term – Chocolate


The autumn term in year six is all about chocolate, beginning with a tasting session! Children get to sample and give their verdict on a wide variety of chocolates, before melting them all down as part of their scientific investigation work.

Linked to chocolate’s discovery in South America, we’ll be learning about the Mayan civilisation, whilst also investigating how chocolate is produced from bean to bar today.

Through their study of the Mayan civilisation, children research, learn and present about the Mayan way of life, before discussing the mysterious collapse of the empire.

Alongside learning about the cities, lifestyles and myths of the Mayans, children replicate some of their artwork, jaguar masks and replica temples.

In literacy, children are inspired by Roald Dahl’s ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ to design and create lucky golden ticket winners and inventing rooms, around which they focus their own descriptive writing, including stories and letters to Willy Wonka himself! This leads children onto researching and writing about the life of Dahl and composing their own autobiographies.

Following their studies of chocolate, children discuss the idea of chocolate being freely available in school, before writing their own balanced argument on the debate.

Children complete their Chocolate work with some traditional Mayan artwork. Jewellery and mosaics are created before children finally design and create their own Mayan bags using traditional weaving techniques!

The final fortnight of the term is spent on the chocolate enterprise project. In conjunction with a local business, children are set the challenge of designing, creating and advertising their own chocolate product. After completing their project portfolio, children present their work to a panel of dragons. The winning team wins a guided tour of a local business factory!

Also in this term, we will be completing our DARE course, before finishing with a special Christmas performance in the local church. 


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