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Year 6 Work and Activities


Welcome to Year 6!


Summer term – Ancient Greece


This term the Y6s will be travelling back to the culture, history and myths of Ancient Greece. We begin by looking at the history and lifestyle of the Greeks by comparing the city states of Athens and Sparta....make your choice of these two options wisely.

The Greeks are well known for their fantastic myths, so we begin my looking at some of the most famous. Our indoor P.E. unit is a dance based around Theseus and the Minotaur, and we also look at Heracles and his labours in our topic lessons.

We then move on to researching and presenting information on a selection of Greek gods and goddesses. Theatre was a significant part of their lifestyle, so children design their own mask for attending a Greek performance. This is in keeping with our own end of year performance, which is set around another one of the most well known mythological characters, and his argonauts.

In writing, children focus on descriptions of famous Greek battles, such as Marathon, and of the hoplites that fought in them. We learn about these areas in topic lessons before using them for our writing.  

We continue our ongoing work on mental health through our focused mental health week, as well as our determination to keep fit and active just like those hoplites.

This term also includes the final residential of the year, relationship education and transition work as children begin the process of moving schools.

It is a packed final term of Y6.



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