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Year 5 Children's Activities


This Term's Studies

Archaeologists, are you ready to piece together the past? Dust down your tool kits including: magnifying glasses, trowels, brushes, dictaphones and cameras, as you will excavate the local surroundings to become familiar with the different roles performed by archaeologists. This term, you will be expected to use your historical and archaeological skills to decipher and interpret primary and secondary sources to collate facts about life in Ancient Egypt. In your roles as archaeological tomb raiders, you will create cracked wax paintings to present evidence discovered on your digs and annotate them with facts about some of the topics we will be exploring.   

Atlases, holiday brochures and the internet will assist you as you annotate a modern map of Egypt with relevant facts and symbols to represent historical sites of interest. If any of you have been fortunate to holiday in Egypt, please share any photos, artefacts and memories with us. 

Be an Ancient Egyptian for the day like a Pharaoh, a scribe or a slave as you participate in a variety of activities to demonstrate how their hierarchy worked. Make sure you obey the Pharaoh’s demands, since you don’t know what the consequences will be! 

The River Nile was and still is crucial to life in Egypt. The farming annual cycle will be drawn to highlight the 3 different seasons. Testing forces at work will help you to understand how boats were used then as a means of transport and to carry heavy loads to construct pyramids. In DT design, build and evaluate a working example of a shaduf to demonstrate how pulleys are used to help lift loads.

Work collaboratively in small groups and assume the roles of a family to research aspects of everyday life like: food, homes and clothes. Each group will then create and present their own non-fiction book to their peers.

Ramesses II will commission you to help plan and organise his burial ceremony to the afterlife. Some of your tasks will include: re-arranging the process of mummification, designing his death mask and making a model pyramid to house objects taken into the afterlife.

Finally our topic will conclude with a group task, where all you budding archaeologists, will write, present and edit an Ancient Egypt documentary, which will be filmed for prosperity.


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Sports day 2014

Sports day 2014

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