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Year 5 Children's Activities


This Term's Studies


Passports at the ready and pack your suitcases for a whirlwind and memorable excursion around the world (in less than 80 days)! Use the internet and a series of photos to solve clues to help you plot a once in a lifetime journey around the world; some of the countries visited will be explored in greater detail. Let’s not forget, we’ll extend our geographical skills as we use atlases to annotate maps of the countries in question.   

Match fascinating facts to reflect your growing knowledge of Italian cities and famous landmarks. Travel back in time to when Vesuvius erupted, in role as a local family discuss whether you would stay or flee during this tragic event.

While in Asia, attend a local art studio and create artwork linked to this region of the world. Perhaps your Chinese willow pattern plate will be worth a small fortune in the future! Taste the authentic flavours of the Orient, as you sample a healthy stir-fry during our healthy eating session.

Now it’s time to visit the Land of Oz as we go down under to explore the tranquil way of life Australians enjoy. One of your tasks will be to design a poster for the Australian Tourist Information Bureau to persuade people to emigrate there.

If you are scared of spiders and snakes, hard luck!  You are going to be brave as you venture into the depths of the unique Amazon rainforest. Write a recount, using photos, to describe your stay there and what you might encounter! In role, debate the topical issue relating to the deforestation of the Amazon rainforest: how would you vote? Not forgetting a significant sporting event is taking place there this year ….. the Olympic Games 2016. Come on England!

Fill your cases with souvenirs as you trawl the shops of Manhattan and be stunned by the sight of the Statue of Liberty in New York harbour. Create a cityscape, using a variety of papers to show the busy nature of the city.  



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Sports day 2014

Sports day 2014

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