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Year 5 Children's Activities


This Term's Studies


This term the Y5s will travel back in time to an era when the all-powerful, formidable pharaohs rules supremely over their subjects. They will be set the challenge of becoming archaeologists to piece together the past, using their historical and archaeological skills to decipher and interpret secondary sources of information to collate facts about life in Ancient Egypt. In their roles as archaeologist, they will be set numerous tasks to complete independently, in pairs or as part of small groups including:

  • creating cracked wax tomb paintings to present evidence discovered on their digs;  
  • annotating a map of Egypt, indicating and naming neighbouring countries, major cities and historical monuments;              
  • ordering and justifying the positions different groups of people were on their hierarchy                                               
  • explaining the importance of the River Nile for farmers during their three farming seasons: Akhet, Peret and Shemu;
  • arranging a series of images that depict the process known as mummification;
  • researching everyday life in Ancient Egypt and presenting their findings in a non-fiction book designed for younger children 
  • sharing their opinions upon how and why societies and the roles of men and women have changed over time.


During the term, the Y5s will be commissioned and challenged by Ramesses in Science, Art and DT. Imagination, creative flair and resilience will be required to please such a demanding pharaoh. They will extend his knowledge on the Solar System by designing and making working models depicting the orbiting paths of the Earth, Sun and Moon and demonstrating how day and night are created. He will also expect them to make him a glider to out fly the Goddess Nut; investigate the best surfaces for the ramp required to construct his pyramid and finally design, make and evaluate a boat that will support the most limestone for his burial pyramid. During their Hook Day, when they will dress up as Ancient Egyptians, Ramesses will ask them to create an embellished collar and a vibrant, unique death mask, both of which he will wear with pride for his transition to the afterlife.


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Preparing for the zip wire.

Preparing for the zip wire.

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