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Year 4 Work and Activities



Traders and Raiders!


This term we will step into the world of an Arctic Explorer and begin to study some of the most intriguing Icy Kingdoms on Earth.  After beginning by preparing for a mission into the Arctic, we will then explore who visits such places, and the things they find out whilst they are there. It’s sure to be a bumpy ride, and we must make sure that we are properly equipped for the tough conditions that we know we will find when we arrive!


Using our outdoor space to inspire us, we will then use natural resources to create thought provoking art work that represents our ideas about Icy Kingdoms. Our art work will then take us on an expedition to find an Inuit artist, and learn about the skills needed to create stimulating and engaging art work that is a true representation of what life would be like to live in such a harsh environment.


Exploring our topic further we will then become scientists and investigate the best materials to use to keep ourselves warm, alongside the materials to avoid if we are going to stay alive! It’s a constant battle to make the right choices, and this often means us working in teams to discuss ideas and share our thoughts. A closer look at the position of the Polar Regions will help us to understand why the climate is so cold, and we will research the temperatures of different locations. We sometimes think the UK is cold, but we quickly learn that things can get much, much colder!


Taking a step back, and looking from a distance, concerns then begin to grow as we identify that all is not well in the Polar Regions. Something is threatening the lives of the animals and plants that live there. Will we be able to find out what? And will we be able to identify what we need to do to stop these changes from happening? 


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