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Year 3  Work and Activities


Year 3 term 3


The Deep Dark Woods


Dare you go into the deep, dark woods??

To launch our topic, we ventured into the legendary Sherwood Forest, to explore the historical woods where past kings of England used to hunt!  Led by two rangers, we heard about the exploits of the cunning Robin Hood, learnt facts about the majestic Major Oak and boosted our collaborative skills in order to create a strong shelter with one main purpose….to keep us dry from the rangers’.  Explore our photos and see how we fared.

Prepare to be ‘Hoodwinked’ by our exciting Year 3 production in June.  On the evenings of June 19 and 20 we will welcome you to the Infants Hall for a version of a Robin Hood legend – with a twist.

In PE, we are exploring our own mysterious woodlands in our school hall, experimenting with different levels and a range of animal movements to create our own dance motifs with a partner.  Outdoors, we will be training ready for our school Sports’ Day at the EIS, Sheffield, where we will try out a wide range of athletic activities. 

Branching out, we explore our local environment to collect and create colour samples before improving our paint mixing skills and observational skills in Art.  Do you know the difference between a tint and a shade?  Join us in Year 3 and you soon will!  Inspired by nature, we learn about and then emulate the work of an amazing artist – Andy Goldsworthy.

In Design Technology, we are focusing on designing, making and eating a healthy sandwich and boosting our food hygiene and preparation skills.  Master Chef it ain’t – but good fun it definitely is. 


So, don’t miss out, but keep up, by regularly checking Class Dojo to see what we have been up to!







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Red Nose Day.

Red Nose Day.

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