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Year 3  Work and Activities


Year 3 term 2


The Romans


The Year 3’s are travelling waaaaaaaay back in time to approximately 12, 000 years BC when woolly mammoths and cave bears roamed the Earth along with Stone Age man.   After becoming text detectives to research the various aspects of the three periods of the Stone Age, they will become authors and write their own Stone Age book.


Moving on in time to the Iron Age, they will be introduced to the formidable character of Boudicca and learn about how the powerful Iceni tribe bravely battled the revolutionary Romans, before re-enacting the battle itself.


As a hook to the topic, the children will take part in an exciting Roman Day, when they will learn a little Latin, explore Roman numerals as well as partaking in preparing and sampling Roman food.  Does anybody fancy a nibble on a dormouse?


Throughout the topic they will learn about why the Romans invaded Britain, the changes they made and the legacies they have left behind.  During the topic, the children will try their hand at creating their own cave paintings, make clay coiled pots, sketch portraits and patterns and design their own mosaics. 


To further their geography and English skills, the children will study maps to complete an etymological study into roads and places with Roman names in order to help them understand the scale of the Roman occupation.



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Red Nose Day.

Red Nose Day.

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